Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asylum DVDs

Thought Ratatouille and Transformers were awesome flicks? How about some Ratatoing and Transmorphers?

You haven’t seen anything yet! Hack studios like Asylum decided it’d be cool to coincide these releases with their own productions straight to DVD. Shamelessly, they rip off the concepts, character designs, and plot of the much anticipated big studio releases. I think they’re funny as heck:

Ratatouille VS Ratatoing:

Pixar better watch out! That’s some awesome homemade CG there!

Transformers VS Transmorphers

Optimus Who?

Cars VS The Little Cars

The Little Cars FTW!!!!!

I am Legend VS I Am Omega

Will Smith ain’t got nothing on MARK ORCASCOS!

Aliens vs Predator VS Aliens vs Hunter

That one is sooooo blatant!

I actually wanna see a lot of these….They’d be sooooo funny!

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